Nam先生の論文が、Journal of Radiation Research 誌に掲載


ベトナムより留学中の、Vu Hong Nam 先生の論文が、Journal of Radiation Research (JRR) 誌に掲載されました。

論文タイトル:Tumor volume shrinkage during stereotactic body radiotherapy is related to better prognoses in patients with stage I non-small-cell lung cancer.



When receiving the information from Professor Onishi (my mentor) that my first paper is published in the Journal of Radiation Research, I was so happy and honor because my work has been achieved after the long time attempts. It is great and has inspired me a lot to continue my study at the department of Radiation, University of Yamanashi. Here is a good place for carrying academic researches on the advanced technology of Radiotherapy. I do hope to contribute more to the development of human health care science. Once again, I am so grateful to my Professor Onishi, Dr. Saito, Dr. Sano as well as other noble colleges who helped me very much for my study. Thank you!